It’s Monday

One more week of summer camps + summer band + summer gym. One more intense week of training before I get a step back week. One more week of a colorful calendar dictating my schedule. Because next week is beach week. And during beach week, everything slows down for a while. No one has to get up at a certain time. No one has to be any where. Our only agenda is hanging out with family and enjoying some time on the sand. I’ve been looking forward to next week since school let out in early June.

But today it is Monday. I just dragged the 14yo out of bed for summer gym. I took too long catching up on my emails to eat anything before my swim. I will take the younger two to running camp and summer band later this morning. I will watch my son’s little league game tonight and sneak out early to make it to yoga. I will work and do laundry in between those things.

It’s Monday. My swim bag is packed. It’s time to start another week.


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