I’m a walker

I have a client meeting in Chicago this afternoon. The meeting is in one location and dinner is about a mile away. Parking in Chicago is expensive so I’m planning to park somewhere in the middle – a little close to dinner than the meeting – and walk everywhere I need to go. Sure, I could catch a cab. Or I could park by the meeting and then park closer to dinner. But I like to walk. (and let’s face it, I’m also a bit on the cheap side)

– Forecast today: 91 with scattered strong storms.
– Forecast when I’m walking from parking to the meeting? 60% chance of storms.
– Forecast when I’m walking from meeting to dinner? 30% chance of storms.
– Forecast after dinner? 40% chance of storms.

So I need to wear something that won’t show sweat and that allows me to move quickly in case it starts storming like crazy. I need to bring an umbrella. And I should probably get some cash in case I have to catch a cab after all.

It’s times like this that I’m glad I work from home and only have to meet with clients a handful of times each year. Today involves so much planning. (And the introvert in me really, REALLY wants to come up with an excuse and text the client to tell him I can’t make it after all.)


One thought on “I’m a walker

  1. I thought this post was going to be about how we’re walking in our 60s, but this is still a good post. I love walking when I’m in the city, so I would be taking my chances, too. I hope you stay dry!

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