24 hour notice

I was out to dinner Wednesday night (two nights in a row!) when my phone buzzed. I discretely checked to make sure it wasn’t one of the kids and saw a text from a very good friend of mine who moved to Mississippi a few years ago. This was a friend who I used to see every day. We’ve celebrated holidays together. Our family went to their house for Spring Break last year. Even across the miles we have remained good friends.

She was in Indiana visiting family and was thinking about making the three hour drive up here to visit. It would just be for one night but she wanted to know if we were around. Even in the midst of my busy schedule, I knew I could make time. I didn’t hesitate to offer her and the kids a place to crash and approx 18 hours later they were in our driveway.

The kids ran off and started playing as if they still saw each other all the time. She and I settled down for a drink and talked for hours. The sound of her kids and my kids saying grace around the table before dinner almost brought tears to my eyes.

This family are forever friends. No matter where life takes us, I know we will always pick up right as if no time has passed. I love that she called me last minute to invite herself and I love that I pushed things aside to make it all work out. Having them here was both a surprise and a gift.

Good thing I checked my phone during dinner. 🙂


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