off to a bit of a rocky start

So Beach Week 2013 is underway. And here’s how it’s gone so far…

1. I arrived with my children to find the house cleaner passed out on one of the unmade beds. She was trashed. About 10 minutes later her friend stumbled in, leaned close and in a burst of boozy breath apologized for not being done. Best we can figure is that the two cleaners pulled an all nighter – not cleaning the house mind you, but drinking. And when we arrived at noon they had to attempt to finish up. They were stumbling and slurring all over the house and, no surprise, things are far from immaculate.

But we’re flexible people. They obviously cleaned the kitchen before going on their bender so we are making do with the rest.

2. The weather has been less than desirable. Rip tide warnings because of a 15-20 mph wind straight off the water. We haven’t broken 70 degrees yet. No swimming. Everyone gets cold sitting on the beach. The deck was bearable yesterday in the sunshine but today it’s cloudy and tomorrow looks like more of the same. I think we’ll get a break and have some summery weather in a couple days which would be nice for the last half of Beach Week. It doesn’t change these first few days though.

But we’re determined. I went for a bike ride. Took the kids to the beach for about an hour to build sand castles. We’re playing games, a puzzle has been laid out and books are being red. We have plans to go out to dinner tonight and the liquor store is open so we’re well stocked.

3. There’s no hot water. We gave the little ones a bath last night only to discover that there’s no hot water. The plumber/handyman has been here all day and determined after trying multiple options that a new hot water heater is needed. Thankfully the owner of the house gave immediate approval to buy a new water heater and it’s being installed now. Maybe we can all take showers before dinner. Then again, we’ll probably run out of hot water when all six adults and 2-3 kids try to clean themselves up.

I’m running out of Pollyanna things to say about this situation as I sit here in my somewhat sweaty workout clothes watching people kite surf out the window.

4. I have no voice. I’ve been running full tilt the past week or so and, as often happens to me in this situation, my immune system has waived the white flag. I often get strep throat in this scenario but I think I just have laryngitis. No voice, sore throat and a general achy/tired feeling. Hoping a run to Urgent Car is not in my future.

I officially have no upside to talk about anymore. No positive spin. I’m tired and grouchy and smelly and I’d like something to change for the better RIGHT NOW.

10 thoughts on “off to a bit of a rocky start

  1. This reminds me of last summer, when we arrived at 11pm at our “not really beach house, but close enough and free” to find out that the air conditioning was broken and it was 89 degrees with dead cockroaches all over in the house. After a night of horrible sleep it got fixed the next day. And we made do. But I get that point. I hope things get better ASAP. If not, take a break over to my house. :). I also hope the liquor store helps.

  2. I hope things improve quickly for you! If not, at least the liquor store is open, but I know that’s not really what you want for a beach vacation.

  3. Oh no! This is not good news. I am so sorry. There’s nowhere to go but up, right? Throw on some sweatshirts and head to Bartlett’s tonight. That would make things a lot better…

  4. GOOD LORD! That all sounds very, very awful. I saw that you have hot water now. That’s good. I hope there is LOTS of warm sunshine in your immediate future as well.

  5. I can’t wait for the update where Beach Week turned it the hell around. I also can’t get over the part about the house cleaners. On what planet is that acceptable? At least finish the house before you get fall down wasted.

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