A beach vacation with not enough beach time

This year’s beach vacation was not quite the leisurely week in the sand and surf that we’ve come to expect. In fact we didn’t see a temp above 70 for the first four days:

– Sunday: wind gusts of 20+mph straight off the Lake, riptide warnings, clouds (no beach time)
– Monday: more of the same but we went down to the beach for an hour to build sand castles and get some wind burn
– Tuesday: more of the same with the added bonus of a cold rain (no beach time)
– Wednesday: the adults in the group left for the day, the kids that stayed behind with grandma got a little bit of beach time in between rain storms
– Thursday: finally, a real beach day
– Friday: and another, nice hot beach day
– Saturday: lots of clouds, we got some beach time in because it was hot but not much because it also rained for hours in the middle of the day
– Sunday: absolutely perfect beach day. As if the beach was taunting us with what we could have had if only Mother Nature wasn’t such a freak.

We built some puzzles. We played lots of games. I read three books. Plenty of sleep and naps were had by all. The cousins had some quality play time. It was far from a bust of a week. It just wasn’t the best *beach* week.

To top it all off for me… I couldn’t even exercise. I packed a bag of workout gear. Brought my bike and swim stuff. And I rode my bike one time. The first three days I tried to convince my body it wasn’t sick. By Tuesday night I cried uncle. By Wednesday night I was on a full course of antibiotics and cough medicine.

Don’t get me wrong – it was nice to get away, it just wasn’t what we all had in mind when we packed for a week at the beach.


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