What happened to the adventure?

I used to have summers filled with adventures. Day trips to museums and zoos and beaches. I used to sign the kids up for quirky little classes or workshops. I used to gather supplies and have organized science experiments. We used to go blueberry picking and picnicking. And then my kids hit an age where their summer became filled with organized activities: sports camps, sports practices, work, summer school.

We are halfway through summer and here’s where things stand with our Summer Wish List:

– Fun hikes at Taltree, on Dunes trails and any other trails we can find: Accomplished

On a hike in our local arboretum.
On a hike in our local arboretum.

– Canoe trip (Maybe even down the Tippecanoe River)
– State Fair: Planned for August
– A trip to the Dells to splash and play: Planned for August
– Wrigley Field tour
– Chicago Arboretum or Botanical Gardens
– Walk to the Farmer’s Market
– Brunch at Bartlett’s
– Plenty of beach time at Lake Michigan: Three days last week during vacation. But that’s not “plenty.”
– At least two trips to the Museum of Science & Industry, and we’d like to tack on a walk through the Japanese Garden in nearby Jackson Park
– A walking tour of China Town

Two out of eleven… four if you count my established plans. So I’m at 36% for Summer Adventure so far. That’s a little on the miserable side.

In my defense, it’s hard to plan an adventure around three separate schedules. (Four if you count my work & tri training schedule.) However, we are nearing the end of the busy, scheduled summer and transitioning into the lazy days of summer. I think I see a sliver of adventure out there on the horizon and it makes me happy to know it’s there.


One thought on “What happened to the adventure?

  1. it is crazy how fast the summer goes by…I think 36% is still good though…I am probably at 10% but going to hit the last few weeks strong!!! Hawaii bound…

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