A warm-up triathlon

So I’m racing a tri tomorrow. I signed up three days ago. Sometimes I think that all this running/training has affected my brain when I make these last minute race decisions. I’m hoping it will shake things up and give me enough of an adrenaline rush to chase away that burnout I mentioned earlier this week. I think it’s also a good idea to practice my transitions since I haven’t done a tri in almost two years. It’s a sprint tri so it will actually be a break from my typical long weekend brick too – though I’ll probably ride more on my bike afterwards just to keep up with my training schedule.


I’m going back to the site of my first tri three years ago. I remember all too well how I felt the week before that event. I was obsessively freaked out. The thought of packing for the event… making sure I didn’t forget any of the things I’d need for each leg… worrying about falling flat on my face (literally and figuratively)… I was a nervous mess. Today? Not so much. I’m sure I’ll have butterflies in the morning, especially since I’m doing this race solo and won’t have anyone alongside to distract me. And I’m sure I’ll run through my gear a couple times before I go to bed. But overall I’m not worried.

The only thing I’m really concerned with is if I pick up my packet tonight or in the morning before the race. Tonight means I can sleep a little longer in the morning and won’t have as much time hanging around waiting for the race to start. But I’m also officiating a swim meet tonight and packet pick up doesn’t start until 5 so if I head over then, I’m not sure when I’ll eat dinner. Decisions, decisions.

It’s funny to look back and remember how races felt in 2010. It was the year I first challenged myself – my first training schedule, my first half marathon, my first triathlon. Everything gave me a bad case of the nerves. Today I’m still challenging myself but I know that training works so I show up on race day with a much different mentality. Progress is signing up for a tri four days before the race 🙂


6 thoughts on “A warm-up triathlon

  1. I wish I’d signed up for a tri before next weekend’s tri. I feel very unprepared & don’t remember how to do the transitions either.

    1. Bari – before my tri last fall, I actually set up my bike & gear in the driveway and would practice my transitions that way. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was silly but it made me feel better about the race. I’m sure it will all come back to you next weekend when you’re in race mode.

  2. So awesome how things come full circle! We have much the same story–I did my first sprint tri in 2010 and was sick to my stomach with nerves. Now, 3 years later, it’s different. We know better. Have fun tomorrow!

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