The second best week of the year

Both of my girls are away at camp this week (and of course it’s the hottest week of the year with air quality alerts and no a/c at camp – poor girls). This is the second year in a row that both girls are gone and J told me Sunday night that it’s his favorite week of the year. Actually the conversation went like this:

J: When the girls are gone it is my favorite week of the year!
Me: Really? You like this week better than the week of Christmas?
J: Well…. maybe not. Maybe I like Christmas better. Maybe they are tied. No, I think this week is a close second.

It will take a couple of days but he will miss his sisters (whether he admits it or not). But I can’t say I blame him. We don’t have to wait around for the girls to get ready when we’re trying to go somewhere. He gets my undivided attention. And I take him on a few adventures that we know the girls don’t particularly want to do. Yesterday, with no notice, I told him to grab his shoes and get in the car. We went to see Despicable Me 2. His sisters don’t want to see it and I got to listen to my boy giggle for nearly two straight hours. Today we’ll have lunch with friends and there will be no girls to give him dirty looks if he laughs too loudly. I’ll take him to the city in a day or two, let him call all the shots and enjoy watching him explore at his own pace.

I’ll admit up front that I miss my girls and think of them often. But this week has its charms for me too.


4 thoughts on “The second best week of the year

  1. My boys are gone camping this week & K & I are doing lots of fun stuff. Today I’m taking her to lunch & then to see the Titanic exhibit. If she was more girlie I’d throw in pedis 🙂

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