Recognizing summer graces

It’s so hot that all anyone can do around these parts is complain about the weather. Instead, I will look for the brighter side of this summer heat wave…

– An excuse to go to the beach early in the morning and leave by noon.

– A slower pace of life. When it’s this hot you can’t help but move more slowly.

– How good a dip in the pool feels when it’s 95 degrees outside.

– How the movies become a dark, cool escape on an unbearably hot afternoon.

– Reading a good book in the shade as the sun sets.

I’ve been looking forward to this point of summer since school got out. Not the heat wave mind you, but the fact that our lives are less scheduled and more relaxed. It finally feels like summer is here and not even 95 degrees with 100% humidity is going to ruin that for me.


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