I hate being a nag

Definition of Nag
– Annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent faultfinding or continuous urging.
– A person who nags someone.
– A horse, esp. one that is old or in poor health.

Let’s see, this week I have…
– asked every day if anyone is going to do a chore
– said at least three times a day, “put down the screen/turn off the tv – you have other things you should be doing”
– pointed out to each child the offensive and ridiculous state of their bedroom

Heck, considering how I’ve felt on some runs lately I might even fit that final definition too. I feel like my life is a constant battle between doing all home maintenance myself or nagging the other people who live in this house to step up to the plate.

I hate being a nag. HATE. IT. I’ve tried to suppress my nagging urges but then absolutely nothing gets done. I’ve tried to dole out extreme restrictions so that things will get done without me having to nag – it only works for a week or two. I’ve tried to dole out rewards for getting things done in a timely manner – that lasted all of one week, even though we let the kids be involved in determining the reward system.

Other ideas (don’t call social services on me, I’m joking… mostly)
– Serve meals only to those people who have managed to do something productive in the house each day.
– Institute 5 a.m. wake-up calls for anyone who has chores to do or laundry to put away or messes to pick up.
– Go on strike – refusing to cook, clean, take out the garbage or do any laundry until my demands are met.
– Force everyone out on a mile run each night if their chores aren’t finished and their room isn’t clean.

Have any “creative” ideas to add?


4 thoughts on “I hate being a nag

  1. Here is an idea that worked on my daughter. You clean their rooms but when you put things away that they really care about, put them where they can’t find them. This may take a while to work. It has worked for one of my children, I think the boy is a lost cause but I still am hoping age will help.

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