taking time to blog

I have never been the kind of person that schedules out blog posts or writes way in advance. 99% of the time you are reading whatever thoughts strike my mind at the moment. Sure, sometimes as things happen I think about how I’m going to write this up, but often it’s a spur of the moment blurting of words.

Lately I’ve had mornings where I didn’t have anything I wanted to say but I felt some odd obligation to write anyway. I’ve decided to stop holding myself to some weird standard. I’m sure I’ll still write daily, after all this blog has almost become a journal for me and regular, free writing is a good exercise for someone whose job is writing. But when I have mornings that don’t lend themselves to 10 minutes of writing, I’m not going to worry about it.

Take Monday for example… I woke up, went for a run and then I took my boy to Bears Training Camp. I didn’t log on to the computer before we went. I did post one instagram about it as we walked in. Then the rest of the time, I just lived in the moment. I let him call the shots. We got up and walked around when he wanted and where he wanted. We stood less than 10 yards from Devin Hester. We were in awe at just how large Julius Peppers is when you’re standing near him. We had fun watching special team drills and offensive line drills. It was a good morning and I’m glad I took the time to just be in those moments.

And I don’t regret not turning on the laptop before we left one bit.


2 thoughts on “taking time to blog

  1. I agree with living in the moment…I have been making a real effort to “turn off” technlogy and enjoy real life and you really do feel the effect!

  2. It only takes you 10 minutes to write your blog! It has taken me more than ten minutes to decide what to write in this response. I am so jealous but have not ambition to even attempt to write one paragraph. My brain is just not that organized.

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