An aha moment

At the end of my yoga class (and nearly every yoga class I’ve ever taken) the instructor leads us through a meditation. As we lay in our final relaxing pose, she talks us through a scenario. When I’m really in the moment, focused on nothing but her words and my breathing, I leave class in a much more peaceful state. Sometimes that meditation has us feeling a ball of energy move through our bodies. Sometimes that meditation focuses on a sun spilling its warmth on us from head to toe. This week’s meditation left me feeling as though she could see into my head and was giving me tools to better manage this weekend’s big race.

I won’t bore you with the entire meditation but there were two parts that really stuck with me. So much so that I’m going to try and take myself back to this moment on race morning. Towards the end of the meditation we were imagining that we were lying on a beach with our feet just touching the water. As waves gently touched our feet we were told to let each wave carry away something that was stressing us and come back with positive energy.

I envisioned each small wave pulling away my doubt… my fear… and as each wave touched me, I felt strength coming back. When we were done I cannot tell you how much lighter I felt. Then as we were “waking up” she had us thank our bodies from top to bottom. Our eyes for seeing beauty, our ears for hearing laughter etc etc. As we moved down I thanked my lungs for giving me strength, my arms for pulling me through laps in the pool, my back for holding tough even when it was uncomfortable on the bike…

We sat up and I felt like I was ready to take on the Olympic triathlon right then and there. I think the instructor sensed the change in energy (she’s big into energy auras too). And as she wished us well she told us that she has done aura work with people and found that there is a huge increase in a body’s energy levels after a person consciously thanks her body.

I believe it. I can’t tell you how much stronger and more confident I felt after that final meditation. It was almost shocking to me. And it was just what I needed this week. I’ve spent too many days wallowing in a lot of doubt. I feel that I have had my self-deficiencies handed to me on a platter in more than one race.

I feel much more positive about what’s coming Sunday. I found a bracelet with a charm that says Trust Your Journey and I’m going to wear it the rest of this week and on race day. I have put in the work. My body has the strength I need. I just need to remember how to call on all of that positive energy.

Sunday morning I’m going to find a quiet corner of White River State Park and recall this meditation. I’m ready. Trust your journey.


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