A mini vacation

The Wisconsin Dells represent an awful lot of things I hate about vacations: crowds, noise, expensive food, upcharges for all sorts of things, people walking around in interesting swim suit attire. The whole thing feels like one big touristy gimmick. And yet… I have to admit, in the right context it totally works.

We’ve done the Dells a handful of times now and just got back from a two-day adventure there. We had a blast. More than 6 hours at the water park each day. Tons of slides. Lots of laughter. The kids all got along. They even went off on their own more than once leaving me with some nice relaxing time. I had a drink in a swim-up, hot tub bar. I got to meet a friend and enjoy some adult conversation. I had a couple beers in the middle of the day while sitting in my swim suit on a lounge chair.

We only spent 36 hours away from the house and yet I feel like I just got home from a real vacation. I love traveling with my kids. Even when it means going to one of the tackiest places on earth.


6 thoughts on “A mini vacation

  1. It’s so true. I should hate the Dells and actually, indoor waterparks in general because they are crowded and loud and full of people I can’t stand, but they work somehow.

  2. I am so impressed. The whole germy water park, crowds, touristy thing will probably keep me away my whole life. Unless I get to meet cool friends there, then I might be persuaded, once.

  3. Two days of waterparks was DEFINITELY enough. Thanks so much for making the drive and braving the chaos. I’ll get some pictures to you soon – most are of A and E hugging. She is totally pushing for a Chicago vacation next!

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