Moving ahead

I gave myself an entire week off after the Oly Tri. I thought I might go a little stir crazy but it’s obvious that my body and mind needed the break because I didn’t miss it at all. I briefly considered running over the weekend but pushed the thought down in favor of more sleep. Today was my first run and I headed out with no watch so I could just run whatever pace my body felt like running. I hit a route that I knew was 4 miles and was pleased to tackle it and break out in a sweat again.

The rest was good.

What’s next? I am already registered for a half marathon the first weekend in November which is 12 weeks away so I’ve resurrected a half marathon training schedule and will roughly follow that. Right now I’m just looking to run it and feel strong the whole time. There’s also a good chance I’ll throw in an October half marathon too so I’ve made sure the schedule fits that as well. And since I really like the variety of the triathlon training I’ve built in a day of swimming to this schedule and have it open for some biking as well. I’ve set it up so that I’ll run three times a week at minimum, swim once and then get to do some picking and choosing on two other days. One day of rest… though I might pick and choose another rest day depending on how I feel. I’m looking forward to a training schedule that includes some variety and some wiggle room. I need something that isn’t so strict after the regimented summer I’ve had.

I saw someone this weekend who congratulated me on my Oly and said she was amazed at how many races I do. She’s right in that I almost always have a race floating out there. It keeps me motivated and gives me a reason to work out with good effort.

Moving ahead is good too.


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