A backwards summer

Often by this time of summer I’m tearing my hear out and counting the days until those kids go back to school and let me get life back to some sense of order around here. Usually by August I’ve had it with the petty bickering and teasing and messy rooms. This year is a little bit different. I’m still tired of the petty bickering and teasing and messy rooms, however, we’re having such a great August that I’d prefer it not end.

We started our summer so very busy. I had weeks in June where I didn’t sit down for more than 30 minutes at a time because I was running children everywhere. July was a little bit better but still mostly full of planned activities. It bears mentioning that I was also up to my eyeballs in training for the Olympic Triathlon. June & July were far from relaxing months.

Then August hit… we’ve taken day trips and had quality beach time. I’ve let the kids stay up too late and sleep the morning away. We have sung songs loudly (and badly) on road trips. We’ve taken mini vacations and laughed the days away. It’s been fantastic.

So instead of pushing them out the door Thursday morning. I’m going to be quietly wishing I could whisk them away for another beach day. It took a while to get here but summer has been very good to us.


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