Summer Adventure Score Card

School has officially started. I’ve got one in high school, middle school and elementary this year – first time having them spread out across all three levels.

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It’s also the first time I am more sad than glad to have them go back. Usually by the time August rolls around I’m more than ready. But as I mentioned earlier this week, August has been absolutely wonderful. In the past four weeks we have been to Chicago Bears Training Camp, the Dells, the State Fair, Taltree Arboretum at night, Chinatown and even to the beach a few times. It’s been wonderful. But school is wonderful too and I’m excited for each of them this year.

Let’s see how well I fared on the Summer Adventure score card:

  • Canoe trip (Maybe even down the Tippecanoe River): NOPE, didn’t even have time to look into it.
  • State Fair: Done!
  • A trip to the Dells to splash and play: Done!
  • Wrigley Field tour: No, maybe some weekend this fall if they still have them.
  • Chicago Arboretum or Botanical Gardens: And another sigh-filled no… some day we’ll get here.
  • Walk to the Farmer’s Market: Yes!
  • Brunch at Bartlett’s: No… we did have dinner there this summer though.
  • Plenty of beach time at Lake Michigan: Yes!! And more to come on weekends – hooray!
  • At least two trips to the Museum of Science & Industry, and we’d like to tack on a walk through the Japanese Garden in nearby Jackson Park: Not two trips but we did get to MSI and discovered Osaka Gardens while there.
  • A walking tour of Chinatown: Yes! I’ll give a run down of this fun city adventure next week.

That’s six out of ten. Not the A+ grade I’d like but I also threw in a few things that weren’t on the list so we’ll say that I get a solid E for effort and an overall grade of B for the summer. I’ll take it and hope to sneak in some fun on the weekends before fall sports kick up in earnest.

Now I just have to get used to having a quiet house again.


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