She fills any void

Lest you think my life is all sunshine and fun day trips and rainbows let me share with you an actual conversation from yesterday morning:

E: Oh! I almost forgot I have to bring my gym uniform to school today!

Me: (thinking: woah – the flighty kid actually remembered something all on her own!) I’ll come up and help you find it. I think I know where we put it at the end of the school year.

E & Mom look in closet on top shelf. Gym shirt is there but no shorts.

Me: I think we kept the shorts in your shorts drawer because you thought they were comfy and might wear them sometime over the summer.

E: (mumble, mumble)

Me: What? Just open the drawer and we’ll find them.

And then this happened:


Apparently all summer when she was supposed to be putting her laundry away, she was just scooping it up and shoving it in a drawer. No rhyme or reason to the shoving – just getting it out of mom’s sight. There is a drawer with 2 skirts, a pair of underwear, 5 unmatched socks and a pair of jeans. Another drawer with pajamas, a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and a dress.

This kid has the biggest bedroom in the house and yet it is filled from corner to corner with stuff. Her walk-in closet has become a lean-in closet because the floor is too cluttered to get inside. Every inch of space along the walls has something shoved alongside.

I have known for years that this child is a slob. She just doesn’t have the willingness to dedicate any effort towards keeping things neat and tidy. After all – there are books to read! Poems to write! Music to sing along to! Who has time to put all your underwear in the same drawer?!?

No matter what size space she has, she will always and forever fill it with stuff. Her backpack… her school folders… her locker… her closet… her room. She’s like sand, she fills in all the voids.


7 thoughts on “She fills any void

  1. Hahaha…. Sorry, but that made me laugh (because it’s not my kid). If it WAS my kid, I would have had steam coming out of my ears. Socks, underwear, skirts and jeans in the same drawer?! That would kill me (my closet is colour-coded).
    Did you find the shorts?

  2. I can only laugh because my daughter’s room looked much the same way (you know, until she left for college). And she had a HUGE room. Her choice of laundry putting away methods usually was the “ignoring” method. But, when I would make the mistake of opening her door, and then put my foot down, she liked to use the “opening the closet door, throwing things in, and quickly shutting the closet door” method. I once found a pile in there that was literally 3 feet deep.

      1. There is! I now clean out my drawers and make Goodwill runs on a regular basis. Oh, and also I’m a big fan of folding clothes and putting everything in its rightful place. It just took me awhile to see the purpose in those things and truthfully, some days, I still kind of miss the “shove clothes in drawer, walk away” method.

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