The Holiday Weekend Hangover

I think everyone in the house is suffering a holiday weekend hangover. We spent three days pretending it was summer. We went tubing and played in the water, we had people over and sleepovers and stayed up waaaaaay too late, we lounged around and slept in. Today’s early morning and day full of obligations feels like a slap in the face. I’m writing this post before 7am and here’s what’s happened so far:

1. The oldest (who went to bed last night with a cough) woke up with a horrible chest cough, headache and stomachache. Day #8 of school is officially her first sick day.

2. The middlest woke up and I’m not sure how she made it down the stairs because when she walked in my office to say good morning (actually she just grunted, but I said good morning) her hair was over her face and her eyes didn’t appear to be open. Breakfast and the promise of cool(er) weather seemed to perk her up.

3. The youngest who is usually up & about by 6:30 is still sound asleep in bed.

I am having a fine morning (actually quite productive) but I do have a lingering wish that we could just have one more easy day. One day of no responsibilities, perhaps some pool time, and no worries about extra after-school/evening obligations.

My kids aren’t the only ones who are missing summer.


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