Random Friday Thoughts

In the span of a week my calendar went from a collection of primarily white boxes with a handful of entries to an explosion of color. Every box has at least two things written in it – some of them more than five. The 2013/14 school year isn’t messing around.

I’ve been wanting to take my kids on a Wrigley Field Tour for years. Yet another summer passed by without me making it happen. However, my husband noticed a special tour happening next weekend on one of the few days not currently filled with obligations. We’ll get to go to extra places that the regular tour doesn’t, meet a former player and have lunch all included in the price. Even better, as I registered for tickets I noticed an option for a promotional code. I always Google for promo codes when I place an online order. In doing so, I discovered that subscribers to the Tribune get two free tickets for this event. I am a subscriber to the Tribune! So now, for less than the price of the regular tour, I get all the extras.

I am in a good work/life balance right now. Just enough work to keep me busy but not enough to overwhelm my time. I have crossed all critical projects off my list for the week so today I’m heading to the beach. I will run along the shore road and then sit in the sand with a book for a while. I’m very excited about this plan.

Fall baseball starts this weekend. My son is on a team with two of his buddies. I’m hoping the next two months of baseball are just a total blast for him. Fall ball is typically more relaxed than spring so it would be nice to have a sport just be fun. You know – because he’s under the age of 10 and boys should be able to just have fun in sports.

I started watching Orange is the New Black this week. I know, I know – I’m a couple months late to the party. Last night I stayed up far too late because I just wanted to watch one more episode. I love having a tv show (or book) that is so fun it really grabs me. Tonight while my family is out with various friends at the high school football game, I’ll be here on the couch with my ipad and new guilty pleasure.

It’s time to get a few things done around here. Even though I’m going to pretend to have no responsibilities for a few hours at the Lake today, I do have some things that need to be handled first. Happy Friday!


One thought on “Random Friday Thoughts

  1. Pro-tip: Don’t binge watch it all at once, otherwise you’re going to be regretful because season 2 doesn’t come out until the spring and you will be SO SAD without it.
    Your day sounds so lovely. I hope it was.

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