The Facebook status you never see

I am a surface Facebook user. I pop on about once a day to look at what other people have posted. I love seeing pictures of friends and family from far and near. I don’t post much these days – a link to this blog every now and then. Pictures of my family when we do something fun. I think many people are the same way with Facebook. We post pictures of the good stuff – vacations, events featuring our kids etc. So if you take Facebook as a barometer of people’s lives – it’s pretty good out there. My friends take wonderful vacations, their families always get along, they are the best runners, bake the most delicious things and their kids are always happy and will obviously be the leaders of tomorrow because of all the honors and awards they bring home.

But let’s face it – our lives aren’t really like that. I figure for every smiling family picture I see, there are 10 instances of yelling, fighting and laziness. Sure, we all have things of which we can be proud. Yes, we are all guilty of bragging from time to time but Facebook is not a snapshot of any person’s real life. If it were you’d see things like this:

Going on day #36 of the teen not doing her laundry. Her room is starting to take on a distinct odor of its own.


I did NOT race a half marathon, 5K or triathlon today. I didn’t even workout. I sat at home and ate sour cream cheddar ruffles straight from the bag and read a book.


What a weekend! The kids spent 90% of their waking hours on the couch with various devices in hand and their dad wore out the recliner in the basement.


Today’s after school snack: whatever you can dig out of the pantry. Who has time or energy to bake when it’s 96 degrees outside?

If Facebook were real, you’d hear about the lawn not getting mowed; the times you serve your kids cereal for dinner; the run that turned into a walk because you just didn’t have it in you. I love my online community (I really do) but sometimes, it’s all a bit much isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “The Facebook status you never see

    1. You say impressive, I say disgusting. I’m going to threaten to go in her room and gather up her laundry to do it myself. I am pretty sure the threat of me going through her things might be what pushes her over the edge.

      P.S. three of those four statuses are true

  1. I love sour cream cheddar ruffles.
    And yeah, this is why when I do update Facebook, it’s typically to be a smartass because seriously, some of the stuff people post as statuses makes me twitch. YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT GOOD.

  2. What? You don’t sit in your perfectly decorated and spotlessly clean living room sipping freshly squeezed orange juice from your vintage drinking glass?? Hunh. *shatter* The illusion – it’s ALL GONE. Nooooooooooooo. Just kidding. Last night’s dinner was leftover KFC consumed while standing, hovering over my rather cluttered kitchen island, using the dish towel as a napkin. And before that, I cleaned out a bunch of stuff in my attic that was covered in rodent droppings.

    You’re welcome. 😉

  3. This is why I mostly post pictures of my cats.
    And also – the number of hours my youngest spent on a device this weekend is amazing. I think I will start posting his log of screen time…. I am pretty sure it would win me mother of the year.

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