Waking up

I wonder sometimes what the way you wake up says about you. Here’s how it rolls (at least during the week) in our house…

1st up: me, I sometimes hit the snooze but am usually still up before it goes off again. I’m the early morning person – setting up breakfast, doing some stretches, logging on to read and write.

2nd up: the oldest, her music wakes her and she is often up before a whole song finishes. She is a teen so I can’t say she’s a morning person but she’s not usually a total grouch and most of the time she’s an easy riser.

3rd up: the middlest, but only by necessity and definitely by protest. This one fights the waking up every. single. day. And every day her first words to me are “it’s too early.”

4th up: my husband, and he stays in bed for a good 20-30 minutes to read the news on his ipad before getting up to get ready.

last up: the boy, and sometimes he’s still up too early because the middle child has a terrible tendency to stomp down the stairs in her early morning anger and his bedroom is right at the top of those stairs. Still he wakes up, stumbles downstairs in search of me, hugs me… usually crawling in my lap for a minute or two… and then he perks up and turns on the tv to snuggle on the couch for a while since he has so much extra time.

If it is the weekend and no one has any obligations. The boy is usually the first one up, though sometimes I beat him and I’m reading when he comes down the stairs. And you can guess who the last one to make an appearance is 🙂 Miss E has perfected the art of sleeping in. In fact, this weekend she didn’t come downstairs until almost 1pm.

Today, I watched the sky lighten and could tell by its hazy appearance that it is still far too hot outside. I greeted the girls and received a mumble and a glare in return. I’ve received a boy who just barely fits on my lap for some quiet good morning hugs and whispers about what the day has in store for him. It’s Tuesday. And whether it’s being greeted by leaping out of bed or dragging out of bed, it’s here and it’s time to get things started.


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