Our Wrigley Field Tour

Finally! Touring Wrigley Field has been on my list of fun things to do with the kids for at least five years and yesterday we did it! Instead of the regular tour we went on a special tour put on by the Chicago Tribune. This tour included lunch in a suite, a question & answer session with a Tribune sports reporter and former Cubs player and then the tour with a few bonus stops. It also included a raffle drawing for autographed items – and we won an autographed jersey by Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins. My husband was horrified to discover that I let J wear the jersey the rest of the afternoon. Hey, you only live once. (And maybe I didn’t realize just what an expensive, special jersey it was. Though now I understand it was worth 3x what I paid for our tour. Oops)

We were in Wrigley for over three hours by the time it was all over and we had a great time! Listening to a former four-time batting title winner give the kids in the group advice on playing and hitting. Feeling special by getting our name on the marquee (yes really!), getting pictures taken by Chicago Tribune photographers (at no additional charge, I can’t wait to get them), and even walking through the mud & puddles to stand on deck. I’m so glad we were finally able to make this plan happen.




Hooray for fun adventures! Hooray for three kids who still like to go on day trips! Hooray for squeezing in a day of fun even after summer has passed!


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