The only time I wish I was 12

I don’t miss the awkward years of 12-14. I can’t imagine most adults do. But this week? This week I’d like to be 12.

See, each time one of my kids turns 12 their aunt and uncle give them the most amazing birthday gift ever. They take my child – and only my child – to the Most Magical Place on Earth. For four days they park hop and hit the rides and meet characters and my child gets to call the shots. Want dinner with the princesses? Sure! Want to spend extra time at Epcot to visit all the countries? You bet! Want to ride that water ride five times in a row until your shoes are squishy? Let’s go!

My middlest is on her Disney adventure this week. In exchange, I’ve inherited a couple of extra kids. Those extra kids are pretty fun but I have to admit… I really wish I had just turned 12 and was getting ready to ride Expedition Everest.


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