a shift in schedule

I had my 3yo niece and 1yo nephew here for four days. It’s been a while since I’ve been in charge of the preschool set so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be. I wasn’t worried for goodness sake, I was just wondering how disruptive or hectic it would be to throw in two little ones with the busy schedule of the older kids.

Turns out, it wasn’t any more hectic than usual. I was shocked at how quickly I shifted into the mode of preschool mom. Without hesitation I changed the schedule of my days. I planned my mornings around what could be done with the kids and my afternoons around what could be done during nap time. I consciously came up with fun things to do each morning (even running errands can be made fun if you’re a preschooler after all) and made sure those kids weren’t sitting still for long. I sang silly songs and answered 10,000 questions every place we went and I read lots of story books.

We baked. We took long walks. We played on playgrounds. We lingered at the library.

We squealed in delight as we discovered new places.


We played with our food.

silly food

I had forgotten how busy I kept my days even when the kids were little. Mind you, I didn’t get as much work done (which reminded me that I didn’t have as many projects back then). I didn’t get the chores done in one big block of time. And I spent an awful lot of time doling out snacks. But it was fun to shift my schedule for a few days.

And now I’m happy to shift it back into seeing the kids off for the day 🙂


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