The shifting training

I’m running a half marathon in six weeks. I’m not terribly motivated to attempt anything spectacular with this race. I don’t think I’ll be pushing for a time goal. I would just like to run it consistently and in a strong fashion and drink beer with friends the day before and eat cupcakes after the race. Whatever that pace will be, it will be.

That makes the training interesting. I don’t really care if I do tempo runs or speed workouts. Hill workouts are causing problems with my back. My foot has been pestering me in an unkind way. My mental fortitude for long runs is… lacking. But there’s no getting around it. I’m running 13.1 in six weeks.

Instead of filling in a spreadsheet, I’ve looked at the calendar. Determined a long run strategy and I’m going to let the rest just fall into place. I’ll run three times a week. I may or may not do a speed workout weekly just to mix things up. I will bike and swim. I will do yoga. I will rest. I will walk or hike. And on November 2… I will let muscle memory and determination take over.

Who knows? This could the best half marathon training plan I’ve ever followed. (If by followed you mean kind of ran and didn’t watch pace too often and let myself have days off randomly.)


3 thoughts on “The shifting training

  1. I honestly have no idea what my goal for this half marathon is, either, if I’m to be perfectly honest. I think that I won’t wear a watch. I think that I’ll find a pace that feels comfortable and just run that pace and be happy with whatever happens because I didn’t think I’d be here again at many points this year. But above all, I think I’m going to enjoy beer and cupcakes.

  2. This sounds very familiar. Between my back and a cold that went deep in my lungs and the everlasting fatigue of a stressful work year, I’m just happy to be a part. And beer. And cupcakes.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m not wearing a watch for this one either – first time doing a long race without it but I just want to run and not care. Being able to run 13.1 is a sign of strength all its own, who needs to worry about pace?

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