Resisting the lure of the Lake

It’s going to be 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky today. I have a long run on the schedule. I am yearning to take this long run to the shores of Lake Michigan. I want to run along its trails, listen to its waves whisper on the sand, sink my tired feet in its cool waters. I want to bring a book and my chair and sit for an hour or so after my run to nap and read. I want to take advantage of this weather before it officially shifts into the wind and chill of fall.

But I’m not.

I have a big project that needs to be finished. I am out of bread and almost out of milk. I need to clean the house to get ready for guests coming to celebrate the youngest’s birthday.

I could try to squeeze all of that in after the kids get home. I could put in a late night at my desk to finish the writing project. But I’m not sure the trade off is worth it – that’s a lot of stress to introduce at the beginning of my weekend. And introducing stress after you have a relaxing Lake visit is doing it wrong.

But while I’m running today, I will have thoughts of my Lake in my head.

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