One more year in single digits: a birthday interview

My youngest boy turns 9 today. Defying all of my demands to stay little forever, he just keeps growing and growing. As in out-growing his shoes every 90 days and requiring new pants to be purchased on a regular basis. Five years ago he looked like this:


And now he looks like this – who let THAT happen?!?


The year of 8 was a pretty good one. He took in the sights of Washington D.C. and learned how to ride the metro. He attended sporting events new (lacrosse) and old (hockey) at his favorite college: Notre Dame. He was a Notre Dame hockey player for Halloween. He was bat boy for his Dad’s 12 & under baseball team and helps as ball boy for the high school football team. He learned how to make nachos. He earned straight As on his report card. He made his First Communion.



He played basketball and wrestled and played baseball – lots of baseball. He pitched his first game at the end of the season after protesting all summer that he didn’t want to pitch. After his outing he decided he wanted to start every game for the rest of the season.


He got in some good beach time this summer. Attended Bears Training Camp. Hiked many trails. Played in Museums. Whizzed down water slides at the Dells. Devoured a Redamak’s double. Rode lots of miles on his bike. Ran a 5K. Competed in his first triathlon. Stood on deck in Wrigley Field. Explored Chinatown.


He’s an active, busy boy who says he doesn’t have time to sit still long enough to read a book. (Though he manages to do so on a fairly regular basis… often under protest. He also showers under protest – a phase I’m hoping he outgrows soon.) These are a few of his favorite things:

color: neon orange
food: bacon-wrapped meatloaf
vegetable: edamame
dessert: root beer float
part of school: science
sport: wrestling… but my favorite sport to watch is hockey
thing to do: ride my bike
tv show: Psyche
song: Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney
game: Monopoly
book: Ultimate Weird but True (a National Geographic almanac)
restaurant: Station 21 and I like to order the Mac & Pork
holiday: Christmas because it’s so fun
animal: turtle

What did you request for your birthday dinner?
Bacon-wrapped meatloaf, mashed potatoes and butter brickle cake.

What is something that can always make you smile?
Bike rides.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An X-Gamer – those guys who do the motocross racing. If I didn’t make that, I think I’d try to be a race car driver.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Brazil because it has a lot of tropical things and interesting food. Also, Ireland because it has beautiful scenery. I’d want to be 21 or older for that trip though [insert sheepish grin].

What do you love about each person in our family?
Mom: because you read to me
Dad: because he helps me in baseball
E: because she plays with me
K: because she is caring and also doesn’t bother me very much

What were some of your best memories from this past year?
Pitching my first baseball game. I liked hiking at Coffee Creek because we got our shoes so wet and muddy that one time. I liked seeing the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

What are some of your wishes for this year?
I would like to go mountain biking. Maybe learn a different sport. I hope that I go undefeated in wrestling. I would love to hit my first home run in baseball.

Each year I interview my children on their birthdays and write a post about their year. My hope is that someday these musings will spark special memories. Search for ‘birthday interview’ over there on the right to read previous posts.


5 thoughts on “One more year in single digits: a birthday interview

  1. Happy birthday to your handsome boy!

    (I too love that having muddy shoes is such a significant memory – sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.)

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