You know what’s fun?

Do you remember that SNL skit with Billy Crystal where they’d talk about ridiculously bad things and then shake their heads and say “I hate when that happens.”

Willie: You know, the other day, I took one o’ them, uh–?
Frankie: Meat thermometers?
Willie: Yeah! And I just shoved it into my ear, you know? As far as it could go, you know? But then I took one o’ them, uh–?
Frankie: Ball-peen hammers?
Willie: Right. And just whacked it a few times right in there, you know.
Frankie: Boy, that must smart.
Willie: I know! I HATE when THAT happens.

A little sarcasm mixed in with just enough crazy worked well in that skit. In that same spirit, I present you with

You know what’s fun?

You know what’s fun? When your beloved, intelligent daughter comes home day after day complaining about school, decides she no longer believes in homework and pretty much stops doing it. Then you start getting calls and emails from her teachers about her grades. Then you get to ground her and pull all sorts of ridiculous helicopter parent stunts for days on end. Yeah… that’s really fun.

You know what’s fun? When you find yourself cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry at 9pm. Because the day just isn’t long enough so you get to do chores at night when you should be relaxing. Yeah… that’s really fun.

You know what’s fun? When you have to drive two hours to attend a meeting that will last 90 minutes and then you get to drive two hours home again. On a day where you have plenty of things that won’t be getting done while you’re stuck in the car. And a Friday no less. Yeah… that’s really fun.

Feel free to play along with plenty of snark and sarcasm in the comments. Maybe I should call SNL with this new skit idea. I hear Miley Cyrus is hosting this weekend. She could talk about how fun it is to have the media go batshit crazy when she dances inappropriately on national television.


2 thoughts on “You know what’s fun?

  1. You know what’s fun?
    When you go to the gynecologist for an 8:15 appointment and they say he is out delivering a baby and will be back in an hour and since you are already missing work you stay….and are seen, for everyone’s favorite doctor’s appointment, at 12:15.

  2. You know what’s fun? When you spend two days reinforcing how the second stage of initiation in Divergent is tougher on the initiates than the first stage because it’s a mental trial and mental fears are harder to overcome. Then on your quiz, you ask why the initiates struggle more with stage two and what theme the author is trying to express about mental fears and a student comes up to you and says, “I don’t get this question at all” and when you say, “We talked about this the last two days in class. Remember? We all shared our fears? And talked about how scary it would be to think we were REALLY face to face with them” and the kid just stares at you like you’re speaking another language and then proceeds to stay at your desk for five minutes, thinking that you’re going to give him the answers. But you don’t, of course, and then he fails the quiz. THAT’S FUN.

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