19 sentences for 19 years

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary.

A passed note in class led to a date to the Junior Prom. That date took us to a senior year of shared memories and through many, many baseball games. Graduation took us our separate ways physically but not in heart. In the fall of 1993 we came together in a small boat on a small lake where a big question was popped. In a surprising twist, I lived in a tiny town in Iowa for a very fun year (and more baseball games). October 8, 1994 was a cloudy, even slightly rainy, day filled with family and friends and a party where the leftovers from dinner were brought out at 9pm to fuel more dancing and the hat was passed to keep the DJ until midnight. We took ourselves to Indy and that first year shared a car and many dinners of macaroni and cheese. We bought a house – an all-brick ranch with great big trees and a big yard. We took a walk and decided we were ready to start a family. A baby girl joined us on Christmas Eve and a few days after we came home from the hospital we were snowed in by a blizzard. We made a shift so that I could start working from home and within a month discovered another baby was on the way. In the spring another baby girl expanded our family (and nearly burst our eardrums with her constant crying). New jobs were taken and just days before our 10th anniversary, a baby boy showed up and made our family complete. We made a move away from the city I thought would always be our home and ended up in a tiny town just a few miles away from Lake Michigan and Chicago. We made new friends and our life shifted focus from parenting young children to trying to keep up with busy, active older children. We took awesome, epic road trips. We broke nearly half of the plates that we received as wedding gifts so long ago. And we still love each other.


4 thoughts on “19 sentences for 19 years

  1. Happy anniversary! And our good china that we got, is still my favorite and is in good shape. But, we are down to 5 of our every day plates….and I am waiting for 2 of them to break so I will have an excuse to get new ones. 🙂

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