adding up some miles

Last year in early December, December 3 to be exact, I set a personal goal to try and get my training miles (running, biking and swimming) over 1,000 for the year. To quote myself, “I don’t see my annual total ever being this high again so I might as well give it a shot.” I put in some extra workouts that month and just hit 1,000 for 2012.

Today is October 9 and my training mileage for 2013 is: 1,194 miles.

I passed 1,000 and didn’t even know it. This is certainly due in large part to the Olympic Triathlon training. However, it’s worth noting that both my bike and swim mileage are way up over last year – as in more than double what they were before and that’s not entirely due to two months of training. Last year I had around 15 total miles of swimming and I’m already at 40 year to date!

I don’t look at my totals often – really just at year’s end – but on the site I use to track my workouts they are listed on the left side and I happened to notice that I was over 1,000 which reminded me of last December’s goal. It’s fun to think that without making it a specific goal, I have again improved my overall fitness this year. It’s not all about numbers for goodness sake – it’s about feeling strong and being healthy. I’m doing yoga twice a week. I’m spending some time walking. I feel like I’m getting a bit more well-rounded in my fitness and I love how that is happening while I’m also still pumping out some strong workouts.

I like looking back to see how my exercising has evolved. I’ve done some sort of exercise as far back as high school. I got away from it a bit after my first child was born and after the second was born I knew I had to get back to being more active. I remember buying a double stroller and setting goals for myself to go walking each day. Then I told myself that if I could walk at least five times a week for over a month, I could justify the cost of joining the Y. That Y became our home away from home when the kids were little. When we moved a few years later, we did two things on our first day here: go to the library and join the Y.

I don’t dabble in this exercise thing – it truly is a way of life for me. And I hope it’s something I can instill in my children.


4 thoughts on “adding up some miles

  1. That is awesome! I love that you didn’t even know you hit your goal. It’s amazing how these things creep up on us and we don’t even realize what a huge part of our life they are.

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