Taking notice

Earth’s crammed with heaven.
Every common bush aflame with the fire of God.
But only those who see it take off their shoes.
The rest sit around and pick blackberries.
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Aurora Leigh)

I’m not a huge fan of poetry but I saw these lines somewhere and they have completely captured my attention.

I can be guilty of too much blackberry picking. Blackberry picking is good (both metaphorically and literally). The world needs blackberry pickers. But the world also needs people who know when to stop… to listen… to notice. Sometimes it’s a friend that needs noticing. Sometimes it’s an individual’s effort. Sometimes it’s a child or a spouse. Sometimes it’s this amazing planet. Sometimes it’s even ourselves.


One thought on “Taking notice

  1. I like to take my shoes off. But I also like berries….
    But sometimes, I am guilty of doing neither and just hiding.

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