I’m wishing

Like Snow White at her wishing well (minus the annoying voice because that Disney princess has one annoying voice), I’m wishing. But I’m not wishing for my one true love. No, I’m wishing:

– that I lived in a world where my house was magically clean, the laundry mysteriously done, the grocery shopping wondrously completed and healthy meals just appeared on my table. (you know like the rest of my family does)

– I could sleep more than 2 or 3 consecutive hours without waking up and tossing & turning for an hour.

– that I could unexpectedly turn in a PR run at my half marathon a week from Saturday, even though if I’ve learned anything about myself and running it’s that there’s no surprising pace within me once I go past 6 miles and that it’s really not about pace anyway (still it would be a nice surprise).

– that I could get a dozen pumpkin doughnuts from County Line Orchard without having to drive all the way over to County Line Orchard.

– for a day where all I had to do was read and sleep and read some more.

– that I knew what to do to make everything better in the homework-hating, completely disorganized, emotional roller coaster world my daughter lives in.

– that I could find a good recipe for apple cider buttons because those cookies are delicious.

– that this suspicious tickle in the back of my throat meant absolutely nothing.

Have any wishes of your own to add?


5 thoughts on “I’m wishing

  1. If you find a way to have that first wish come true please let me know.

    I would also like a dog that sheds directly into the garbage can instead of all over my clothes and furniture.

    And I’d like for winter to not arrive until December.

    And I’d like to lose 10 lbs before we all go to Jamaica.

  2. Oh, I echo so many of these wishes – especially a day to read and sleep and for the ability to make everything better for someone. I also like Lyndsay’s wish for dog shedding that hits the garbage can. I’d add:
    – a way to bottle fall sunshine so I can use it during those dark days of January.
    – a mannequin mold of my body and someone to take it shopping for inexpensive but flattering clothes.
    – the ability to not sweat the small stuff and to know when the small stuff actually means something bigger. Oh how I wish for this.

  3. I have that same sleep wish. I’d also like winter & fall to each last only a week & for the rest of the year to be a perfect 72* except when I’m running & then I want it 55*.

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