Why is Christmas so expensive

The weather has taken a distinct turn for the cold this week and it’s got me looking ahead to the holidays. I’ve been making a few notes about gift ideas and such. I have to admit, it’s making me cringe thinking about the expenses. Why does Christmas have to be so expensive?? We aren’t the kind of family that overdoes it. The tree isn’t overflowing with gifts – the kids have a stocking and then usually 3-4 gifts. But as they get older their gift requests get far more costly.

In the back of my mind I’ve seen this day coming. I’ve had the idea that when things got to this point we’d have even fewer gifts under the tree but more shared experiences. I’d like to buy tickets to a show in the city and take the kids some night over their winter break. That would be a great memory and fun night for all but I’m not sure they are at the ages to appreciate that instead of some physical item they can have and hold. The oldest is – but she’s also fully immersed in the materialism that comes with high school and clothing trends. The middlest is probably ready for the shift. The youngest… well, as much as I find myself hurrying him along in some things I have to admit he is 9 years old and probably not ready to give up the tearing of wrapping paper any time soon.

I don’t have a solution to this yet but I’m going to try very hard to come up with meaningful gifts that won’t break the bank. There might be some more handmade creations happening, some small thoughtful items that I know will be appreciated even if they aren’t included on a gift list. Some new traditions created so that I’m not in the position of having to purchase and give a gift to so many people.

I love my friends and family. And I love sharing Christmas with them. Now I need to figure out a way to make it more affordable.


3 thoughts on “Why is Christmas so expensive

  1. Especially with kids and teens….this gets harder. My kids have everything they need. The things they want are because they are too expensive in the first place. Cheap toys don’t work any more. But it gets harder and harder to make it fun AND affordable.

  2. My sister’s husband’s family goes insane with gifts. All the adult kids exchange and everything. We were expected to participate but a few years ago I said no. It’s crazy and I was deemed a scrooge because I didn’t want to drop $500 on presents for ADULTS. It gets so much harder as the kids get older, too. I really think they have everything they need. Give them cash for college at this point.

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