Grace in small things from an unusually chilly week

It’s time to take a deep breath and notice the small blessings that are in fact quite large. The little things that remind us each day is a gift if we’re just paying attention.

– The little girl at the back door of the school who after two months of walking in the mornings has finally opened up in response to my good mornings. Her grin is mighty.

– The idea of a polka Mass. After asking about it at church and hearing my priest holler down the hallway “It’s the most awesome Mass ever!” I can’t wait to attend.

– Closing my house up to the chill and filling it with warmth and good smells.

– Choosing a game with the kids over folding laundry and work projects.

– That the fairgrounds finally fixed the sign from “Fall Gord Festival” to “Fall Gourd Festival” – it only took three days for someone to notice.

– Watching my girl play the clarinet and love it.

– Opting to skip a workout in favor of lingering over dinner with the family.

– A day where I don’t have to go anywhere and can work in yoga pants & a sweatshirt with a warm cup of tea at my desk.

– Seeing my sister in the 7th month of her first pregnancy after not having seen her since early July.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

What are the small but grand graces in your life this week?


2 thoughts on “Grace in small things from an unusually chilly week

  1. Does getting to spend some quality time with my girl (and her BFF who is like a 2nd daughter) while attending a concert count?

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