whisper post: I dislike Halloween

There, I said it out loud. I used to like it when my kids were younger and the holiday seemed fairly tame and fun and innocent. Now, I think it’s just gotten so out of hand. The swarms of people who are old enough to buy their own damn candy. The crazy lights and inflatable decorations. The expensive, trashy, store-bought with no thought required costumes. It’s just not any fun anymore. In fact, I almost dread it.

I’m trying to turn my frown upside-down before the big trick or treat festivities start up tomorrow night (it’s supposed to be pouring rain which might make that a bit more challenging). So I turned to the children for some inspiration.

What is your favorite candy to receive?

14yo: Reese’s Pieces
12yo: chocolate – good ol’ Hershey’s chocolate
9yo: king size skittles

What do you enjoy most about pumpkin carving?

14yo: Oh, I LOVE pumpkin carving. It just feels so good to cut into it.
12yo: it’s fun to pick out the design but I really don’t enjoy the whole gutting experience.
9yo: I like cutting up the pumpkin, it’s fun.


What are you going to be for Halloween?

14yo: not trick-or-treating this year but plans to do small accessories when handing out candy, perhaps a handband with cat ears and some whiskers drawn on her cheeks
12yo: a punk Minnie Mouse
9yo: an Olympic athlete

And the most important question of all… How many Snickers are you planning to give your mother – the one who loves you and feeds you and cleans your clothes and drives you all over kingdom come?

I didn’t even ask, because I’m sure the answer is LOTS and LOTS. Especially since I’m running a half marathon this weekend and Snickers taste especially good after double digit runs.


4 thoughts on “whisper post: I dislike Halloween

  1. I have pretty much decided, that if it is raining, I am just going to have conner knock on my door 40 or so times and I will give him candy from my stash, one piece at a time.

  2. I’m going to be hiding in the basement with the lights off. Then if my kids go trick or treating, I’ll be collecting my parent tax on almond joys and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

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