Half Marathon Eve

I’m heading out of town to run a half marathon this weekend. The last of the “racing season” for the year. And for the first time in four years, the last race on my calendar. I have no race goal or fun challenge on the horizon right now – and I’m okay with that.

Tomorrow morning – at the same time that I’m typing these words right now – I will be in the starting corral. Shoulder to shoulder with other runners. Stamping my feet to try and keep warm (knowing that in a few minutes I’ll be plenty warm). Looking ahead at the next 13.1 miles knowing what they have in store for me in some ways – and knowing that in other ways they will contain some surprises. There’s always something in that long running journey but you don’t always know what it is.

Tomorrow morning I’ll start my day with this prayer and hopefully, I’ll end it with a smile and strong sense of accomplishment:

Dear God, let me run the race you have set before me with joy. Thank you for the strength in my legs, the air in my lungs and the determination in my heart. LET’S GO!


3 thoughts on “Half Marathon Eve

    1. Thanks! I’m calling this my zen half marathon – I haven’t packed, I’ve only checked the weather once and I’m not wearing a watch 🙂

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