A list of thanks

It’s November – the month that we look past the Christmas displays in the stores (Target, I’m talking to you) and focus on Thanksgiving. I love this holiday for so many reasons and in its honor I’m going to use each Friday to build a list of thanks. After all, I do love a good list building exercise.

This week I am thankful for…

– A race that reaffirmed why I train and run. A race that was filled with joy, strength and a very unexpected reward.

– Having all three children with me for a day of fun in Chicago – even when at least two of them could have made plans elsewhere.


– A blustery, damp day where I didn’t have to go anywhere. A day where I crossed lots of things off my list and got a few things done around the house too.

– That my youngest still enjoys having me read aloud to him each day. We are finishing the sixth Harry Potter book together and this week I read pages with a lump in my throat and both of us had tears in our eyes. Good stories are so very good to share.


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