A list of thanks week 2

I have to admit, I’m feeling grouchy this morning. Too many things are on my plate and I know there’s more coming and I kind of feel like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke. I was thisclose to not writing this post today. It’s hard to justify taking time (even if it is only 5-10 minutes) and I don’t necessarily feel in the mood to be thankful – it’s more fun to give in to the grumpies and think of all the things that are annoying me.

And then I realize this is precisely the moment when I need to be thankful. Otherwise, the annoying things/people win.

Looking back on my week I am thankful for:

  • Four days of fun and bonding with my husband in one of my favorite places on earth. Even if it did snow/sleet/rain on us at times, we still had so much fun.
  • 1113_NM4

  • The sight & feel of the first snowflakes of the season.
  • That my mums still brighten up my fall doorstep.
  • Watching my boy discover a book he actually loves and choosing to read over other activities.
  • Forcing myself out of my shell not once but twice this week. Leaving home when I’d have preferred not to and discovering a sense of peace and thoughtfulness I wasn’t expecting.

I’m going to end with a prayer that was in one of my daily reflections this week. I am trying to consciously remember it because I think it would be a wonderful way to start each day.

Almighty and ever-living God, strengthen our faith, hope and love. May we do with loving hearts what you ask of us and come to share the life you promise.


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