suspicious believer

The other day J and I were talking about Christmas. I asked him if he had any ideas of things that he wanted since family has been asking me. He replied, “No but I do know what I want to ask for from Santa.” I asked what that was and he said he’s not telling anyone.

Me: You’re not telling anyone?

J: Nope. I want it to be a surprise.

Me: Don’t you think you need to tell Santa?

J: Nope. I didn’t go see him last year and I didn’t write him a letter but I still got what I wanted.

Me: So you think Santa is just going to read your mind?

J: Well, he is supposed to be watching me all the time. And I’ll probably talk about it with my friends so he can figure it out then.

This could end up being an interesting Christmas. I can’t decide if I should cave in and admit that if he doesn’t tell me, he’s not getting what he wants. Or hold out because he’s testing me.


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