A list of thanks week 3

I feel the looming holiday madness coming like a bank of storm clouds on the horizon. I’m already looking for ways to slow things down, to prune out the unnecessary and to focus on my family. I think I can feel that intent in this week’s list of thanks:

Nearly every night this week I took time to just sit on the couch with whatever kids were in the room. We read books, we watched that crazy David Blaine special, we played games. I am thankful for that oasis of time.


Each year I lead my Religious Education class in two service projects. In the fall we pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I love watching the kids in my class truly connect with kids around the world. The energy level in the room was amazing. It brings me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I am thankful for

  • …friends who make me laugh
  • …Snickers shared from a dwindling Halloween stash
  • …a night with no plans
  • …the mental & physical benefits of yoga
  • …a week of solid workouts even when I’m not in training
  • …an extra rest day just because I feel like it (I’m not in training after all)

4 thoughts on “A list of thanks week 3

  1. I am thankful for caring friends who text me and check up on me and make me laugh.
    And also – who appreciate Ball Humor.

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