misguided ambition

I tend to be the kind of person who thinks I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Swim a mile, hop on a bike and push hard for 25 miles and then park the bike and take off to run 6 miles? I can train to do that. Cook some ridiculously complicated recipe for a dinner party? I’m ready for the challenge. Learn how to draw Mickey Mouse in five minutes? Yep I can do that too.


But sometimes my ambition gets the better of me. Say, for instance, when I see a book at the library I’ve been wanting to read and I check it out with total disregard for the fact that it is due in 7 days and that I’m in the middle of another book that has to be finished before I can start this new book. Oh and further disregard that this new book is 528 pages long. And even further disregard the fact that my usual long reading day is Sunday and this past Sunday we had people over all day and I didn’t read a single page until after 9pm.

Well, when your ambition is that misguided you end up with this scenario:


That would be 478 pages that I need to read by the end of Tuesday – also known as tomorrow.

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