sneaking in some Christmas fun

You know how each summer I post a list of fun things I want to do with the kids? I ask for their input on those activities but really, it’s my list of adventures big and small. Well — I think I want to put one together for December. You know… because December isn’t busy enough already.

Here are some things I really hope we can do this Christmas season:

  • Visit our local arboretum at night to wander a trail lit by Christmas lights.
  • Head to Chicago to soak in some big city sparkle. Maybe hit the lights at Lincoln Park… maybe the windows at Macy’s…
  • Play some Christmas music on the piano not just on the CD player. Admittedly this one is more for me since I’m the one playing the piano regularly these days. For all I know, no one else in the house wants to listen to me play Christmas music.
  • Take in Christmas Around the World at the Museum of Science & Industry. We used to do this every year without fail and I miss it.
  • Pop ridiculous amounts of popcorn and have the whole family sit down together to watch a Christmas movie or two.
  • Bake cookies TOGETHER. Yes, it’s faster if I just do the baking myself but I’d like to have the kids help. Especially for whatever goodie we decide to make for their teachers.

I’m discovering that it isn’t actually Christmas that is my favorite holiday. It’s the days leading up to it. It’s the preparing, the opening of hearts, the wonder of a season with a little extra joy in it. I’m probably going to hit a wall of stress at some point but I’m really trying to avoid it by focusing on the journey instead of just one day.


3 thoughts on “sneaking in some Christmas fun

  1. Yes, we’re in the middle of our advent fun. Each day Amara gets a note telling her about the fun craft or activity or baking we’re going to do that day. On days when such a thing is impossible, she gets candy. When I sit down to plan it at the end of November it’s overwhelming and seems impossible, but Amara gets so excited each morning that it’s worth the trouble.
    Tonight we’re playing board games after catechism!! Weeeee!!

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