Of Christmas carols & polkas

One of the things I’ve decided I want to do this Christmas season is play some Christmas music on the piano. As I mentioned last week, I’m not sure anyone else in my house wants to listen to me play Christmas music on the piano but it will make me happy so I’m going to do it anyway. Step #1 towards this goal? Find some sheet music.

A few months ago I asked my mom if she had any of the music books or sheet music that I played growing up. She didn’t but she did have a grocery bag full of sheet music from my grandfather who played both the piano and the accordion. I asked her to bring it and it has been sitting in a corner for a while now. Last night I went through it and hit the jackpot.


It does have a few of my old pieces in there including two books of Christmas music – yay! But those weren’t the best finds. The best finds were the random Broadway hits, the book titled Dance Songs from 1942 and the collection of “really cool piano music for teens” with the copyright date of 1959. That last one even has notes on the songs in my grandmother’s handwriting labeling songs for my Aunt Margie and my Aunt Mary Lou. There’s the copy of the Fat Lady Polka with fingering notes from my grandpa. The copy of I’ve Got Rhythm with a note to my grandfather from “C” asking him to play the chorus a certain way before “rehearsal on 12/27. Oh! And bring Margaret along too if she’d like. I think she’ll have fun.”

My music lover, E and I had a lot of fun going through the music last night. And I’m going to have a lot of fun learning (or re-learning in some cases) how to play it. I’m going to start with the Christmas music but by the end of January I’m hoping I can play an assortment of polkas. I grew up listening to polka music played by my grandpa and now I’m going to pass that on to my kids… and if they complain or make fun of it (like some people might have last night when I posted a note about my treasure hunt AHEM) then I will turn a deaf ear to them.

The pages are yellowed, torn and in some cases literally crumbling but I feel like I just discovered a goldmine of family heritage.


3 thoughts on “Of Christmas carols & polkas

  1. It’s Sarah’s fault! She’s the one that made fun!!

    But seriously – what a find!! I wonder if Margaret had fun…?

  2. This is awesome!! Not just music, but a piece of family history. I hope your family enjoys you playing. And if they don’t, play louder and longer. It is the Christmas spirit, after all.

  3. Your Grandfather would be so proud, especially that you want to play songs that he did when growing up. I remember the polka’s were the best.

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