13 things for Friday the 13th

I jerked awake this morning 10 minutes before my alarm went off. It’s not terribly unusual for me to wake up early (though 5:15 when my alarm goes off is plenty early if you ask me) but the instant alertness is unusual and it got my day off to a different sort of start. My 14yo was ready for morning swim practice early – that never happens. My 12yo woke up cheerfully – that never happens. And then my 9yo woke up at 6am which isn’t normal either. Carpool got messed up this morning causing today’s driver to make the rounds twice – thankfully it wasn’t me nor was it caused by me, but that makes a long list of unusual happenings before 7am. Then I remembered, it’s Friday the 13th.

13 random thoughts for a random sort of morning

1. There’s a winter storm blowing in. The kids & I are pretty excited about the potential for a decent amount of fluffy snow to play in.

2. My excitement is tempered by the fact that we have out-of-town plans Saturday. Driving in heavy snow isn’t high on my list of fun things to do. I think we have a plan to avoid the worst of it though.

3. I have made the decision to drastically reduce my Christmas baking plans. Last year it ended up being after Christmas because I couldn’t tackle it before. This year I’ve decided to ease up. Baking for gifts will happen this weekend. Baking for my family will happen next. And we’re making fewer types of cookies. I am already quite pleased with this plan.

4. I am behind on some work projects so I’m forcing myself to not go for a run until two of them are crossed off the list. Hopefully that’s just the motivation I need. I haven’t run outside in nearly a week because of temps. Today it’s going to be downright balmy – in the 20s šŸ™‚ – so I’d like to get out there.

5. My Christmas cards are almost addressed and ready to go. Almost.

6. I haven’t wrapped a single present.

7. I still have five gifts to buy. I know what two of those five are. I need to do some gift considering today.

8. That WestJet Christmas video makes me tear up every time.

9. Even though J can read all the Christmas story books on his own, he still lets me read one to him every night. That makes me happy.

10. I plug my Christmas tree in even when I’m the only one home because it makes me smile.

11. My oldest and I pulled off an impressively speedy Target trip last night. She might be the only one allowed to go shopping with me this time of year.

12. My lighted garland around the stair rails needed to be replaced this year. The lighted garland around my front door needed to be replaced this year. And now one of the three lighted candy canes outside my garage doors is out. I’m not replacing them until next year.

13. The kids and I ate a late dinner last night and watched the original cartoon Grinch while we ate. We don’t normally watch tv during dinner but for the Grinch I made an exception. It was fun.

2 thoughts on “13 things for Friday the 13th

  1. I always turn the lights on my tree on when I am home. That and Christmas music on the stereo. These two things make me extraordinarily happy. I am hoping that we get enough snow to cancel a few of the very many activities that I have on my schedule between now and Sunday evening so I can enjoy the snow…and maybe a book…and wrap some presents…and bake some more cookies…so many things to do, why is my time so cluttered????

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