A pause in the holiday bustle

We are in the midst of the holiday bustle full tilt around here. Music programs, band concerts, school parties… add that to the normal chaos and we are operating a finely tuned machine this week. I am already looking forward to Saturday. A day that I had roughly planned to take the kids into Chicago for some Christmas-time fun but now I’m seriously considering holing up with the family and not leaving the house all day.

I’ve done a decent job not taking on too many extra obligations so I’m not in high stress mode. In fact, something happened this weekend that gave me great pause. Someone that I know – not well, but she’s the mother of one of my son’s friends and a person with whom I have a lot in common – died in a truly tragic accident. The kind of out-of-nowhere accident that terrifies me. I kept waking up last night from nightmares… the thought that she said goodbye to her family and no one had any idea that she’d never come back home. It’s so very, very sad.

That family has been in my prayers and thoughts constantly since I heard the news. And it has shed a different light on what I was dreading as a ridiculously busy week. Now, I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be driving to a swim meet tonight… to be juggling a hectic schedule for the next few days… to be rushing from school to school to try and catch a glimpse of all three kids when they have events on the same night. Incredibly lucky.

I am more committed than before to not get caught up in stress this season. Instead I will cherish each day because it’s so easy to forget that each one is a gift.


4 thoughts on “A pause in the holiday bustle

  1. When I saw ‘Crown Point’ in the news story I wondered if somebody you knew was involved. How awful.
    You’re right – such a reminder to cherish each and every day.

  2. I left a comment and I think maybe your blog ate it? Ugh, because it was long.

    Anyway, I’m so sorry you were touched by this, too. I teach the daughter and stepson of the man who was killed and it is absolutely heartbreaking and eyeopening to see a boy go from being excited about standing up in a wedding, excited about his new stepdad to then the realization that he’s now a grieving child in the blink of an eye. Like you said, it makes you realize how lucky you are, how life can change in that singular moment. It is terrifying and so hard to understand. I cannot conceptualize it at all. I cannot even begin to do so.

    1. I just can’t get my head around it. I ran past her house today and cried. I had to drive through the intersection last night and felt sick to my stomach. It’s horrifying. Those poor families.

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