The end of the year

I am sitting at my desk watching the rising sun sparkle on the new fallen snow. I’ve already gone for a run. Breakfast casserole for a swim team breakfast is in the oven. A load of laundry is underway. It’s not how I imagined starting the last day of 2013 but it seems pretty appropriate now that I think about it.

I’m resisting the urge to scrape the inch of snow off the driveway that fell overnight. They say there’s a storm with 6-10 inches coming tonight/tomorrow. The shoveling can wait for that. Instead I’m sitting here thinking about the year that was. The year that included…

  • Three half marathons – the last one with a nearly 10 minute personal best.
  • My first marathon relay.
  • 5Ks with kids by my side.
  • An Olympic Triathlon finish – 32 miles of continuous effort that still makes me smile and feel strong.
  • Watching my kids compete in triathlon, baseball, swimming, wrestling and band competitions. It seems like just yesterday they spent most of their time playing with dolls, climbing on the swing set and doing crafts.
  • Another goal trip crossed off my list as we took the kids all over Washington DC.
  • Trips to the beach both with kids and solo – both of them made me happy for different reasons.
  • Watching my oldest be Confirmed and guiding my youngest to his First Communion.
  • Some time to read good books.
  • A handful of day adventures – for dim sum in Chinatown, for seeing the horses at the State Fair, for hiking in the dunes and woods, for whizzing down water slides – they are getting harder to squeeze in which just makes me appreciate them even more.
  • Bike rides both alone and with my son who is a great biking companion.
  • Opportunities to spend time with friends – some who live close to home and some that live in different countries. It’s good to seize opportunities to be with people who mean something to you… even if it means inviting yourself along on their vacation.
  • Participation in a small faith sharing group. Something I was skeptical about taking on and yet something that teaches me each week.
  • A year that ended with my sister having her first baby. A boy that I will get to meet and hold in just a few days.

More happened this year of course. But those are the things that leap into my memory. It’s been a good year. An active year. I’m looking forward to cherishing moments with my family in the year to come as well.

I hope you have wonderful memories of the year that was. And if not, I hope the next year contains extra for you. Happy New Year!


One thought on “The end of the year

  1. You’re funny. Please include yourself in any and all of my subsequent family vacations!

    A brand new baby in the family sounds like a perfect way to end a great year.

    See you in Mexico! 😉

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