extending our winter break

Every couple of years the first day of school after winter break is cancelled because of the weather. This year is one of those years. We had a legitimate blizzard on Sunday. They declared a state of emergency and closed all the Interstates in our corner of the state. They even pulled plows off all side streets for the evening. None of that has happened in my memory. Today dawned with a temperature of -15 and that isn’t counting the windchill which is in the -30s or lower thanks to 30mph winds. It’s not fit for man nor beast out there today.

A few years ago having the first day back after break cancelled would likely shove me over the edge. The thought of keeping stir crazy kids in the house when I’m ready to return to normalcy isn’t always enjoyable. Today however I don’t mind one bit. The house is relatively clean thanks to a Saturday filled with chores. And with the way the holidays fell in the middle of the weeks this year, I didn’t feel like we had a lot of downtime.

I don’t mind letting the oldest have another day of complete rest in the midst of her season filled with two-a-days. I don’t mind letting the middlest sleep another day – and frankly she needs the day to finish her homework anyway because she has adopted Oscar Wilde’s philosophy: “I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.” I didn’t mind letting the youngest creep into bed with me this morning to read and chatter as the sun rose.

Now if school is cancelled again tomorrow I may be singing a different song. But for today, there were waffles with cinnamon chips for breakfast. There’s a puzzle being built on the floor next to my desk. The snow is blowing by my windows in gusts and the windowsills are covered in drifts. But inside we are warm and cozy and I like it.


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