Day two of the blizzard

We’re all home again today thanks to the weather. I just checked the forecast, it’s -12 degrees right now and it “feels like” -31 with the windchill. We might see a “high” above zero later this afternoon, one that will feel like -10 with the windchill of course.

I shouldn’t go anywhere today. The roads are still snow covered. The Interstate is still closed (not that I have to drive on it, but it’s obviously a mess out there if they can’t even get the Interstates cleared). It’s cold. I haven’t started my car since Saturday. But I need groceries. And the Y is open (THE Y IS OPEN). So I’m bundling up. I’m dragging a kid or two with me. And we’re venturing out in the snow and wind.

And when I get home, I’ll have a strong urge to read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long, Long Winter.


3 thoughts on “Day two of the blizzard

  1. I was just thinking about The Long Long Winter….gosh did I love those books.
    But, I am so glad to not live in those days!!! And that more than likely we will all be out of the house by tomorrow. And we have heaters, and electricity, and all the books I need on my kindle to just seconds. Whew!

  2. I haven’t been out except my short run this morning. Mike has taken my van for the past 2 days because his piece of crap won’t start in this weather.

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