And on the 4th day it melted

It’s Thursday and the kids are finally going back to school today. I ran yesterday and parts of my run were actually on dry pavement (unfortunately the parts that were on snow packed over ice appear to have done something bad to my knee). The temps are still below zero but we’re actually going to see 20 degrees today. And, as happens every year in these parts, as soon as it nears 30 degrees it will feel like spring. It always amazes me how our bodies adjust to the cold.

It’s Thursday and in two hours my house will be quiet. I will clean a few things and they will stay clean. I won’t have to make lunch for anyone else. I will be able to work uninterrupted.

It’s Thursday and after 19 consecutive days of having other people in my house, I get to have some time all to myself.

It’s Thursday and at some point today, I’ll actually miss them. (But only once.)

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