The adventures are few and far between

Once upon a time, a long weekend with days off from school meant one thing in this house: ADVENTURE! We’d use those extra days to take weekend trips to the Dells or Indy.



We’d take day trips to museums and zoos and explore the icy wonderland that Lake Michigan transforms into each winter.



These days long weekend breaks involve trips to the high school for practice. Dropping kids off at a friend’s house. And sleeping in until noon (not for me, mind you).

I had two fun ideas for this weekend: tobogganing at Pokagon State Park or eagle watching & hiking past frozen waterfalls at Starved Rock State Park. Swim practice made both impractical. I tried to gather the kids to go to the Museum on Sunday… but no one wanted to get out of their pajamas. Today I decided I’d settle for a movie outing. Only two kids came along and when we got there, the movie was sold out with no appropriate options available for hours. Fail.

So now the excursion of our long weekend break was to Five Guys where the kids made the most of the 100+ Coca-Cola machine:


That’s how far my adventures have fallen: pop machines.


2 thoughts on “The adventures are few and far between

  1. I do relish the days that we have available to stay in PJs until noon, even if I don’t get to sleep until noon. It is interesting how our time changes as our kids get older. We are currently planning two family trips (spring break & summer) that probably will not include my oldest. This is a very weird notion of what a family trip is.

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